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Real time financial reporting enables managers to take corrective action and deploy resources quickly.

BMG will help your company by:

  • Creating Pro Forma Financials – forecasting for ongoing business or planned expansions or acquisitions
  • Building Budgets – overall company and department orienented budget reports
  • Set-up Cash Flow Analysis Reporting – easy real-time reports to monitor company cash flow
  • Develop Profit and Loss Reports – both simple and detailed



A company's accounting system should be robust, yet simple enough for managers to access and extract information when needed.

BMG will help your company with:

  • Software review and selection – determine your system requirements and make recommendations
  • Current or New System set-up Set-up a new system or redesign your existing system
  • Establish Policy and Procedures – written instructions and standards to ensure consistency and compliance with GAAP standards
  • Training – create live and online departmental and position specific training