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Marketing plans have been revised and updated in the past few years. Online search has changed the way companies position themselves in the marketplace. Your current marketing plan should detail how customers will find you (search) as well as how you find and attract them (direct).

BMG will help your company develop or update your marketing plan to:

  • Define or Re-define Your Target Customersoffer solutions to those who are most in need and most likely to purchase
  • Locate Customers – where your customers are and how to effectively communicate with them
  • Focus on Solutions – outline what solutions you offer and why they are needed
  • Improve Positioning of Products and Services – how to become needed by your customer, not justed wanted or liked
  • Create Advertising and Solicitation Strategy – which direct and online approaches you will use to attract and engage your target customers


Your sales team must be well trained to deliver a simple and consistent message. Following a defined sales process is essential for management to make adjustments. Having an unstructured and unorganized approached to selling can destroy a company.

BMG will help your company develop a winning sales strategy by:

  • Designing a Custom Formal Selling Process – specific steps to follow with suggestive scripting to support a question driven, needs analysis and solutions based approach
  • Building a Closing Presentation – audio and visual presentation with collateral that delivers results
  • Constructing a Call Center – design, build or restructure, including staffing, technology (CRM + VOIP), data management, scripting, training and management
  • Developing Internal Sales Training Courses – live and video instruction for initial and on-going training
  • Creating Manager Reporting tools – tracking all production metrics